[The Nine Mall] Zflip 3 Clear Case (29 Designs)


Made in Korea
Official item preorder from Korea



(1) Star Lucky


(2) Clover Lucky


(3) Pink Smile



(4) Lovely Teddy Gummy

(5) Baby Teddy Gummy

(6) Green Happy Tyranno

(7) Smile Friends Frame

(8) Our Happy

(9) Crayon Sunflower

(10) Toy Friends

(11) Selfie Gummy

(12) Skyblue Heart Fluffy

(13) Lavender Heart Fluffy

(14) one gummy

(15) Astronaut Gummy

(16) Raptor Dinosaur

(17) Gummy Toast

(18) Dinosaur

(19) Heart Pokku

(20) Dino Garden

(21) Bear Sticker Pack

(22) Flower Petal

(23) Pattern Magic Stick

(24) Crayon Dino

(25) Crayon Gummy

(26) Purple Happy tome with bear

(27) Pink Happy tome with bear

(28) Paint Drawing Gummy

(29) Red Maple Gummy

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Star Lucky, Clover Lucky, Pink Smile, Lovely Teddy Gummy, Baby Teddy Gummy, Green Happy Tyranno, Smile Friends Frame, Our Happy, Crayon Sunflower, Toy Friends, Selfie Gummy, Skyblue Heart Fluffy, Lavender Heart Fluffy, one gummy, Astronaut Gummy, Raptor Dinosaur, Gummy Toast, Dinosaur, Heart Pokku, Dino Garden, Bear Sticker Pack, Flower Petal, Pattern Magic Stick, Crayon Dino, Crayon Gummy, Purple Happy tome with bear, Pink Happy tome with bear, Paint Drawing Gummy, Red Maple Gummy


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West Malaysia - RM8
East Malaysia (Sabah Sarawak) - 2 Items RM18, start from 3rd item, every each item add in RM3

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