[Tamburins x Jennie] Body Wash & Body Lotion (3 Types)


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bitter orange | Cedarwood | Sweet licorice
This scent, which begins with the bitter citrus of Bigard oranges soaked in moisture after a cool shower in early summer, spreads into the air with the feeling of the sweet flesh bursting out when the dark green peel is peeled. The calm and fragrant aroma note of cedarwood combines with the sweet lingering scent of licorice to leave a comfortable and rich aftertaste.

Body Wash (240ml/ 470ml)


Body Lotion (235ml/470ml)

Gift Set (Body Wash 240ml + Body Lotion 235ml)



Donut Peach | The fresh scent of young coconuts | cozy musk
The rich and sweet scent of donut peach reminds me of a cozy little rain cloud. The soft green scent first felt from a young coconut shell combines with the buttery feel of the donut peach note to add a sense of luxury, while the clean and cozy lingering scent of musk makes you feel good at starting and ending the day.

Body Wash (240ml/ 470ml)


Body Lotion (235ml/ 470ml)


Gift Set (Body Wash 240ml + Body Lotion 235ml)



Forest covered in water mist | wet wood | cashmere wood
The cool and refreshing scent of juniper, like dew on pine trees, reminds me of an early foggy morning. The soft cashmere wood scent emitted from rain-soaked trees adds to the calm comfort found in nature.

Body Wash (240ml/ 470ml)



Body Lotion (235ml/ 470ml)



Gift Set (Body Wash 240ml + Body Lotion 235ml)

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