[Tamburins] The Shell Perfume Hand Cream 15ml/ 40ml (8 Types)


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FEY9 15ml / 40ml
– Fig tree | Ambrette seed | Sweet bitterness
Figs that bloom inside fruit have an understated scent. The sweet bitterness of leaves and pulp makes the fragrance richer, and the smooth harmony of Ambrette seeds and Amber leaves a deep aftertaste and enchants you.





VEIN 15ml / 40ml
– Laurel leaf | Lily of the valley | Neat leather
Behind the light-embracing laurel leaves and the cleanness of the lily of the valley, the neat leather scent keeps the little tension clear. The weight of the leather meets the musk of the lingering scent, creating a striking contrast, and delivers a smoother tempo of the pulse.



POSY 15ml / 40ml
– Rose bushes | Patchouli | Wet soil
The rich floral scent of Patchouli reminds us of magnificent, entangled rose bushes. The freshness of Iris leaves the life force of the rose just before the bloom, and the heaviness of the musk leaves a deep afterimage of the outstreched rose bushes.



HER 15ml / 40ml
– Cedar | Violet leaf | Citrus
The pungent scent of violet leaves awakens your sense and tension. The fragrance of cedar trees adds to the delicate balance over time, and its deep scents linger long leaving strong impressions.



FEAR 15ml / 40ml
– Hard soil and root | Grapefruit | Fresh air
The scent of spice adds a spicy flavor to the roots of Vetiver that have grown strong under the hard earth. The covetous red grapefruit is reminiscent of the clear, transparent sunlight above the Vetiver fields that stretch endlessly over the earth.




000 15ml / 40ml
– Sandalwood | Patchouli | Earthy
The coolness of Bergamot that instantly touches the tip of the nose, Patchouli that evokes the moist soil, and the heavy-sitting sandalwood remind us of the vitality of the earth when we hold the freshly picked wildflowers in our arms.



FLOW 15ml / 40ml
– Sandalwood | Subtle leather scent | Spicy
Sandalwood touches the skin, leaving warm warmth and strange & heavy addiction. The subtle spreading leather scent provides a state of total immersion, while the spiciness of the secret ingredients Black Pepper and Spice creates an intoxicating scent.



BLESSED 15ml / 40ml
– Blackberry | Citrus | Fruity fragrance
With the black currant of a unique pungent flavor of mature red wine with the main ingredient, the bitter citrus flavor adds vitality. The sweetness of the soft-embracing white florals stimulates your sense of smell with deep and rich ligering scent.






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FEY19, Vein, Her, Posy, 000, Blessed, Fear, Flow


15ml, 40ml


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